June 2017


This golf season has been off to a slow, soggy start but besides the terrible weather, we do have a few things to report:

The Men's Night League had a meeting on May 29th. The basic format will remain the same with a few slight rule modifications.  The signup deadline is June 4th with a start date of June 12th.  Men's night standings will be posted on the bulletin board and on line.  They will be adding a Pumphouse Skills challenge with weekly prizes and a year end skills playoff.  They are very interested in getting more names of the spare list--no deadline, no charge and no commitment.  Spares will also have the opportunity to win the weekly skills prizes.


The Tuesday Morning Men's League has been up and running for a couple of weeks.  They are also looking for some more members to join their spare list.


Our first Ladies Night League was May 30th.  They had a good turnout and some new faces as well. You are welcome to join for only $5 and non members can play with a weekly green fee of $10 + tax. There are various contest, formats and lots of fun!  The Thursday Morning Ladies League was scheduled to start June 1st but was rained out. They will reschedule their start to June 8th.  They also have a $5 entry fee and you have the option to play either 8 or 18 holes.  Non members are welcome with green fees of $10 + tax for 9 holes and $20 + tax for 18 holes.


Our Members Opening Tournament is scheduled for Sunday, June 18th starting at 10 am. Cost is only $5 per member and is open to all members.  We will be using our Maplewood Fun Cards.  Play your own game, make up your own team or sign up individually.  Sign up at the proshop.  Deadline is June 14th.


Here's hoping for some sunshine and warm weather!!!

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