Par 72


Red slope 108
Red rating 63.5
Gold slope 111
Gold rating 65.4

White slope 117
White rating 67.9
Blue slope 119
Blue rating 70.0


Red 4920
Gold 5241
White 5785
Blue 6246


Red slope 112
Red rating 68.2
Gold slope 118
Gold rating 70.1

White slope 124
White rating 73.3
Blue slope 129
Blue rating 129

Front Nine

Your tee shot should favor the right side of the fairway. This green is reachable in two but beware of the hazards that lurk around the green. There are two bunkers, one left and one right and water comes into play all around the green except for the front section. The 100-yard marker is just past the service road and is probably the smart play to lay up to.

This short par 4 is a good birdie chance. Your tee shot should be aimed at the large sand trap on the right. Hidden from view by the mounds is water on the left side. The green slopes back right to front left.

Select the club that will get you passed the bunker that is 20 yards short of the green and favor the right side as everything will bounce left. The green is sloped back right to front left.

Straight away par 4 with two sand traps framing the landing area. If you over shoot the right bunker you will find water. The green is fairly flat with a small mound on the left side.

Difficult par 3 due to the green sloping away from you. A little long will not hurt you especially if the pin is red.

Straight away par 4. A right center tee shot is what you want. Water around the previous tee can get you if you over shoot the left mounds. The tendency for the approach shot is to bounce to the left, keep your approach shot a bit to the right.

The first of two consecutive par 5s. The hole plays shorter than the yardage indicates due to the downhill approach. First, your tee shot landing area is between the two fairway traps. Out of bounds all the way on the left side. A bunker guards the front left side of the green and the slope will send your ball to the right. Dont trust what you see on the green, it slopes front to back, trust me.

This par 5 also has out of bounds on the left. The newly expanded pond on the right awaits errant tee shots. The hole is also downhill and is reachable with two good shots. This is probably the flattest green at Maplewood and will often reward good putters with a birdie.

Club selection is important. The prevailing wind is generally at your back. The green slopes top left to front right and your tee shot could also end up on the right side.

Back Nine Hole #10

Tee shot should be aimed towards the Fir tree on the left. Avoid the right fescue at all cost. The green has 3 distinct areas and to get close to the pin will need an accurate approach. 3 putts here are common.

Demanding par 3 guarded in front by a deep bunker and in the back by a lake. If the flag is behind the trap, it is safest to play to the visible portion of the green.

Intimidating tee shot especially from the blue tees. Out of bounds lurk on the left side. Usually played into the prevailing wind. You might want to select one more club into the green. This green that slopes from back to front and up and down from off the green is tricky.

Short par 4. Reachable with an accurate tee shot but there is Out of Bounds on the left and the trees on the right see a lot of action. A bunker guards the front of the green which is sloped back to front. A mid iron off the tee will leave you with a wedge in for a birdie chance.

Very difficult dog leg par 4.Your tee shot is into the wind most of the time. A large pond will swallow any balls aimed too far right. Aim straight for the left 150 yard marker. The mound in the fairway is around the 100 yard mark. Most approach shots tend to drift right. The green is sloped severely back to front. Stay below the pin. Par is a very good score here.

Downwind, downhill double dog leg par 5. Tee shot should be aimed just right of the fairway bunker. This green is tempting to go for in two but beware of the tall trees to negotiate and creek crossing in front of the green. The green is elevated in the middle and paying attention to the pin placement is the key. The safest shot in is from the 100 yard marker located near the big tree on the left of the fairway. Good birdie chance.

Our new #16 hole is shorter than the old one but dont let the 134 yd white tee fool you.  This small saddleback green is hard to hit and hold.  Favor the left side of the green and remember that club selection is key.  The prevailing wind is at your back.

Short par 4, dog leg left. It is tempting but ill advised to try to go for the green from the tee. The perfect tee shot should be aimed for the white birch with a slight draw for right handed players. The approach will then be a short iron over the lake to a green that slopes towards the water.

You can now see the club house and that should be your target off the tee. This long par 5 is accessible with 3 well placed shots. Your second shot should be aimed to the right side of the fairway and make sure to clear the creek. The 200 yard marker is the second bridge you see. It is very important to calculate where the pin is on the biggest green on the course. There is a 3 club difference from front to back. The green is also protected by sand traps front left and middle right.